1515 West Chophouse and Bar

Shanghainese Steakhouse

With all the preconditions for being one of the top steak-houses in the city, it's the food that lets 1515 West down

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One of the most beautifully designed restaurants in Shanghai is the 1515 West Chophouse and Bar. Located in the Jing An Shangri La, this has almost immediately become one of the city‘s most beloved steak joints.

From the moment you walk into the 1515 West Chophouse, you cannot help but be impressed by the design. Dominated by wood, it exudes elegance, and makes you think of the ‘20s, and ‘30s. The bar is a space that invites you to spend hours relaxing, whilst the dining room is one of the most bustling, and lively we have seen in Shanghai.

The feeling of excitement that reigns here is electric. People come here to have a good time, and seemingly have it. The chef walks around with his beef trolley, from which he carves the restaurant‘s signature cut. His sense of showmanship is as much part of the restaurant as the food, or décor, and undoubtedly has some influence on its success.

Just as beautiful as the room is, no penny has been spared to make this a beautiful restaurant. For the first time in Mainland China, we have seen Stephanie Hering‘s porcelain at 1515 West, and the wine list is full of great names ranging from Harlan, to Rayas, up to more niche things such as Jean Foillard‘s Morgon.

The food itself is classic steak house fare. Crab cakes, steak tartar and the likes make up the starter selection. In season, the tartar comes topped with white truffles, making for a suitably grand start.

For mains, you have the choice of a number of cuts, and origins of beef, with grilled seafood and other meats available too. The restaurant‘s pride is, however, an Australian bone-in rib that is dry-aged for 40 days. Classically grilled, it is served with a selection of vegetables, and sauces. The beef itself is good, but not rested long enough, and lacks a little flavour. It feels like the ageing could have been pushed further to give it more complexity, and develop more of those blue-cheese, nutty, and floral aromas that come with dry-ageing.

For dessert, you can expect equally large sundaes, ice cream selections, and the likes. The ice cream bucket features a number of well-made ice creams, making for a suitably imposing end to a meal that probably is not advisable for anyone on a diet.

The 1515 West Chophouse and Bar is a restaurant that has an atmosphere like few others in Shanghai. That alongside the beautiful décor, and bar make it what it is. If the steak quality can be pushed further, it should only become more popular.

1515 West Chophouse and Bar

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