Atelier Vivanda


Opened by one of France's most entrepreneurial chefs, Atelier Vivanda serves excellent steaks at fair prices

After having made his name with his fine dining restaurant in Paris, Benallal Akrame opened Atelier Vivanda. What started out as a reasonably simple, more casual restaurant has evolved into becoming a small group of eateries dotted around the globe: there are three in Paris, one in Hong Kong and one in Manila.

Conceptually, a meal at Atelier Vivanda is simple, as it is entirely focused on meat. The open kitchen and close spacing of the tables means that there is a buzzing atmosphere here during pretty much any day of the week, and a real sense of warmth.

What might set Atelier Vivanda apart from other equally casual restaurants is the quality of the meat, coming from top Parisian butcher Hugo Desnoyer. Entrecôte comes served perfectly with a nice charred crust and rare center. Given the price of admission, this is a remarkably good piece of meat. Another interesting dish is their version of the hamburger, made from freshly ground beef and served between two slices of toast with just a little lettuce and Parmesan to garnish. Called the Croquavor, it does bear some resemblance to a croque monsieur, albeit with a distinctly unique personality.

Atelier Vivanda is a place that serves excellent food at affordable prices. The food and atmosphere alone are worth coming for and given the quality served, it is hardly surprising that several franchises have opened up across the world in such a short period of time.



Atelier Vivanda

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