Beijing’s Best Peking Duck


One of the world's great dishes, Beijing duck served in China's capital has precious little to do with the dish that is served under the same name elsewhere in the world. Made in a complex and time-consuming manner, the slicing is a form of art, and the texture and flavour of the best versions are second to none. Here is a selection of our favourite places.

1 | The Country Kitchen

Unlike any other hotel restaurant in Beijing, the Rosewood’s Country Kitchen brings carefully cooked food and a casual approach to the Chinese capital. Needless to say that the duck here is excellent.

2 | Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

One of China’s most iconic chefs, Da Dong’s ducks are some of the most elegant and leanest in all of Beijing.

3 | Quanjude

The classic among the top roast duck restaurants in Beijing. They haven’t changed much in the way the duck as cooked here since the first Quanjude opened in the mid 19th century, and there is a reason for that: it’s delicious.

4 | Made in China

One of the long-time favourites of the Beijing dining scene, Made in China is a restaurant that has seen better days, but continues to deliver excellent ducks in a casual atmosphere.

5 | Jing Yaa Tang

Located in the basement of the Opposite House, Jing Yaa Tang’s duck as among the best in town. The remainder of the menu is unfortunately a littleĀ dull and bland, leaving some room for improvement.

6 | Duck de Chine

A restaurant that serves duck in its very own fashion, Ducke de Chine is a solid, if not particularly refined choice.