Big Sur Bakery

Big Sur Legend

The Big Sur Bakery serves simple, tasty food in charming surroundings

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The stunning scenery of the Big Sur is something everyone should have experienced at least once in their life. Driving down Highway 1, on top of the cliffs that fall in to Pacific is an eye-opening experience. As there isn’t much in this area at all, the few places that do welcome people for the night or a meal are somewhat legendary in the area. One of them is the Big Sur Bakery.

After you’ve driven for hours through this wonderful scenery, you’re bound to get hungry at some point. That is exactly where the Big Sur Bakery comes in handy. However, it is not just a place to stock up on the calories, no it is a place where all kinds of people come together, to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. This mix of people, from the few locals that live here, to tourists from all over the world gives the Big Sur Bakery a very distinct charm. Something that very few other places in this world can match. Pulling in here for an early morning coffee and breakfast, before you hit the road is a real delight.

The coffee is good, their pastries are light and flaky, and little birds fly around you as if there was nothing but peace on this planet. For lunch, quiches and salads are simple, but tasty which is also the credo that dominates the dinner menu. Whether you have a pizza or something from the grill, you can be assured that the produce are of high quality and the cooking is precise.

A place such as this one, is really special. Located in the middle of nowhere, in one of the world’s most dramatic bits of landscape, it brings people from all backgrounds together for a simple, but delicious meal. That in the end, is what makes the Big Sur Bakery so dear to us.

Big Sur Bakery

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