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Din Tai Fung's consistently good Xiaolongbao make it one of the most impressive chain restaurant groups

What started as a little restaurant in Taiwan, has turned into one of the world’s most successful chains: Din Tai Fung. Apart from restaurants in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other countries, the group has outposts in Singapore.

One of the most impressive features of Din Tai Fung is the consistency. It doesn’t matter whether you visit one of the restaurants in Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong or elsewhere; the quality is always at the same high level. For restaurants that serve so many people at reasonable prices, this is a phenomenal achievement.

In Singapore, the main difference to other Din Tai Fung restaurants is that the price has been adapted to local standards. That means that a portion of 10 pork Xiao Long Bao here costs you as much as an entire meal in one of the Mainland Din Tai Fung outlets.

Apart from that the experience in Singapore is just as good as it is elsewhere. The dining room seems to be eternally busy, and the service is as efficient as it could be. The dumplings of all sorts have that incredibly thin, delicate skin that makes them so special. The soup is packed with flavour and the filling just as good and comforting. The other dishes on the menu are no less delicious, meaning that eating here is a safe bet, and in the grander scheme of things, reasonably cheap.

Din Tai Fung has to be one of the most reliable restaurant chains in the world. They deliver every time you visit. Unsurprisingly, the Singaporean outlets of the Taiwanese group are just as good as those elsewhere.



Din Tai Fung Singapore

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