ON Dining Kitchen & Lounge


The brainchild of three of Hong Kong's most dynamic restaurateurs, ON has taken the city by storm ever since it opened

Philippe Orrico, Jeremy Evrard and Nicolas Deneux are big names in Hong Kong’s culinary scene. Having worked with some of the great names in gastronomy in France, they have created a bit of a cult following for themselves in the city over the last few years. When ON Dining opened in the heart of Central, its concept was radically different from any other in the city.

ON Dining is the team’s second project, as the Upper Modern Bistro had seen Orrico and Evrard collaborate, before they got Nicolas Deneux on board. The idea is simple: serving focused, carefully prepared food in a relaxed atmosphere. Given that each of the partners has his own field of expertise they all bring something to the table.

Nicolas Deneux has designed a wine list that is chosen with great attention to detail. Mature vintages of the world’s greatest wines rub shoulders with the finest grower champagnes and ‘unicorns’ such as Clos Joliette. His passion for wine really shows in the way list is conceived here, making it one of the finest in town.

Jeremy Evrard has long been known as Hong Kong’s most passionate ambassador of French cheeses. Having a very close relationship with the world’s most famous affineur Bernard Antony, the cheese selection at ON is indeed remarkable. It is so good that it would really be rather difficult finding a better one elsewhere in town (or Asia for that matter). Add to this the fact that having cheese presented to you by Jeremy is like having a masterclass on the subject, making it all the more exciting.

Last, but certainly not least, there is Philippe Orrico’s cooking. A little more elaborate than at Upper Modern Bistro, the food Philippe serves at ON is polished, focused and most elegant. A ballotine of foie gras and Bresse chicken is excellent: the chicken is moist, tender and pairs brilliantly with the foie gras. A classic that is executed faultlessly.

Even better is roast pigeon, served with spinach. This is some of the most intensely flavourful pigeon we have had the pleasure to have been served in the last months and an absolute must-order here.

In light of the above points, it’s no surprise that ON Dining & Lounge has been awarded a Michelin star months after opening. With every aspect of the dining experience taken into consideration, there really is very little that is left to chance here.


ON Dining Kitchen & Lounge

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