Farm to table

Following the now ubiquitous farm-to-table philosophy, Farmstead serves comfort food in the heard of Napa Valley

Restaurants, or at least trendy ones have to be run alongside quasi-autarchic measures these days. Having a garden to source one’s fruit and vegetables from is nearly imperative in certain parts of the world to become a noteworthy restaurant. Farmstead in St Helena is one of these places.

What this place does better than many others is marketing its self-sufficiency. Bizarrely enough, you can eat in the garden here, right next to the apple trees that (might) produce the fruit for your dessert. If they do or not is another question, fact is, its perfectly enjoyable to sit here for lunch, outside and have a simple and delicious meal.

The food here is very homely indeed: Pork rilletes, salads, or ragus are all present as is a superb burger with their own beef. The latter is worth mentioning for two reasons. First of all, it is one of the more tasty ones you’ll find in the Valley as it obviously is made from pretty decent produce, and secondly: Its not overcooked. If you believe that the land of the burger will allow you to eat perfect, medium-rare burgers, you might be quite disappointed. 99% of the restaurants here seem to overcook their patties no matter what you ask for. Therefore, Farmstead is a pleasant surprise and well worth mentioning.

For the delicious burger and the homely other dishes, Farmstead deserves a mention. Its not expensive, relaxed and a pretty beautiful space. Simple, to the point and relying on self-raised produce it is the kind of restaurant that is very much Californian.


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