A basement gem

A relaxed, comfortable restaurant serving complex food at fair prices

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When Fyra opened a few years ago, it received a glowing review from one of Holland’s leading restaurant critics. This led to a constantly booked out restaurant and it being almost impossible to get a table here. The hype died down almost as quickly as it came, and by now, Fyra has almost been forgotten. With the current renaissance of the city’s dining scene, this is somewhat understandable, as the restaurant hasn’t really changed all that much.

Located in a basement, the dining is a little kitschy. Despite that, you immediately feel comfortable when you walk into the restaurant, and the friendly staff helps create an almost cosy atmosphere in the room.

The food at Fyra is tasty and feels like a lighter type of the complex cooking that so many Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands serve. Price-wise, it’s very fair too, and whilst the occasional dish is overcomplicated, this is delicious food. For anyone looking for a relaxed, enjoyable restaurant with good food in Amsterdam, Fyra is just the right place.


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