Gebr. Hartering

Product-driven cuisine with great wines

The tiny dining room is where the Hartering brothers serve their distinct cuisine and wines to the chosen few, who manage to get a table.

Gebr. Hartering is not for those looking for luxury ingredients and silvery cutlery. Instead the dining experience in this small restaurant is characterised by beautiful produce, almost brutally simple preparations and no unnecessary extras on the plate or table.

The Hartering brothers’ food takes you out of your comfort zone and is unique in the Netherlands in its simplicity and focus on unusual products. Expect to find all sorts of offal and rarely used varieties of fish cooked over charcoal as the mainstay of the menu.

Whilst the menu here frequently changes according to what the brothers find, one of the classics is the Fleckvieh rib. This dry-aged piece of beef is packed with flavour combining the characteristic blue cheese/floral scents that you get from the ageing with meltingly tender, intensely flavoured meat.

Gebr. Hartering is not just about excellent food: the cozy dining room and expertly chosen wine list make the experience that much more memorable. The perfect partners with the beef would have to be something like Chave Hermitage or Jamet Côte-Rôtie, which can be had for comparatively fair prices here.

Gebr. Hartering is a delightful restaurant. Devoid of pretense, it simply focuses on sourcing top quality products and cooking them simply. The combination with great wines and a vibrant atmosphere make it one of our personal favourites in Amsterdam.

Gebr. Hartering

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