Kyoto-style sushi

Radically different from Edomae-sushi, Izuju's Kyoto-style sushi is worth discovering

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Kyoto-style sushi is little known outside of Japan. Most of us know Tokyo-style sushi (Edomae sushi), which has been popularised across the world. For the curious eater, Izuju in Gion is the perfect introduction to authentic Kyoto-sushi. This shop, with a history that stretches back over 100 years, serves well-made sushi at fair prices. The best thing on the menu is the sabasushi (mackerel), which is rolled in kombu (kelp) and pressed. The main difference between sushi in Kyoto and Tokyo is the size of the pieces and the pickling of the fish. Given its large slices, and heavy use of vinegar in both rice and fish, this is perhaps a less refined than Edomae sushi, but no less delicious. Izuju is a perfect spot to discover something unique to Kyoto.


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