Jianguo 328


Unpretentious and delicious Shanghainese cooking

By definition a great neighbourhood restaurant ought to serve excellent food at fair prices, have an inviting atmosphere and generally be a place that invites for a prompt return visit. Jianguo 328 in Shanghai fits this description perfectly.

The small restaurant run by a Taiwanese chef serves lovingly cooked, moderately priced Shanghai cuisine. Simple dishes such as noodles in scallion oil are full of flavour and moreish. A classic ‘vegetarian duck’ is done with an admirable degree of precision, and even grander dishes such as eight-treasure duck (which needs to be pre-booked) can be had here. The latter is a must for anyone liking richly flavoured dishes and perfect for a group of 3-4.

With its cosy atmosphere, good food and fair pricing, it’s easy to see why Jianguo 328 is so popular. It is a restaurant that simply leaves you wanting more.

Gian Guo 328

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