Kagizen Yoshifusa

Classical Japanese confections

A beautiful setting, and excellent warabimochi make this a perfect spot for a break in Gion

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Kyoto is an elegant city, and Kagizen Yoshifusa is probably as good a place as any to get a feeling for a classic Japanese confectionary shop and its tea room. In the light, beautiful room, you will not only find a large number of civilised people enjoying beautifully served confections, but are able to taste excellent warabimochi. These small cubes made from bracken-starch are covered in soybean powder and served with black sugar syrup. Delicious and very much worth the price of admission, this is the best thing on the short menu here. The other popular item is kuzukiri, which is a jelly-like noodle served in an exquisite lacquer bowl. Whilst this has no flavour itself, it too, is paired with the syrup, but is less interesting than the warabimochi.


Kagizen Yoshifusa

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