Man Wah

Understated luxury

At the top of the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, Man Wah serves excellent classical Cantonese cooking

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Long overlooked by the Michelin guide, Man Wah is one of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. This is one of the handful of serious gastronomic restaurants that push the boundaries for high-end cooking in the harbour city.

Whilst international media attention focused on Lung King Heen for a long time, Man Wah did not even have a single Michelin star for several years. That has changed, but thankfully, not much has changed at the restaurant.

The view here is stunning, and one of the most classic of the Victoria Harbour. A distinct atmosphere reigns in the pink/wood-dominated dining room. There is a sense of grandeur to the restaurant that coupled with its intimacy makes it a very special place to eat in.

In terms of food, you have a wide selection of dishes to go for on the menu. At lunch, there’s a wide choice of dim sum available, of which a lobster and potato dumpling, and the xiao long bao are highly recommended. Also very well-made is the siu mai, which is of particular finesse and concentration of flavour. It has the brilliant contrasts between crunchy, juicy and melting textures that make these little parcels so enviable. Generally speaking, the quality of the produce, and craftsmanship on show here are of the highest level.

If you look at the rest of the menu, the quality of the soups here is striking. They are perfectly clear, with such intense and balanced flavours that you really have to acknowledge the kitchen’s technical dexterity. A stunning starter here is the roast suckling pig. This local classic is done to perfection here, with a skin that is both meltingly tender, and crunchy.

With the vegetables, the kitchen shows its delicacy of touch. Perfectly timed, seasonal vegetables are classically prepared to your preference. The results are fully-flavoured, respectfully prepared dishes that can introduce nuances such as Chinese liquor. This gives a remarkably complex flavour to kale, which is one of the signature dishes served here.

Man Wah is a truly outstanding restaurant. Alongside a small elite such as One Harbour Road and Yan Toh Heen it can safely claim to be one of the very best fine-dining Cantonese restaurants in the city.

Man Wah

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