Murmelli Lech

Under the radar

Murmeli is one of those rare places that serve delicious food in a warm atmosphere, but somehow go below the radar of the general public.

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One of Lech’s less conspicuous hotels hides one of the city’s more hidden gems. A place that is more frequented by locals, who only give its name away reluctantly, Murmeli goes under the radar of the average tourist. Due to the restaurant’s small size and the loyality of its customers its not exactly easy to get a table here.

But, if you ask if it’s worth the hassle, one can only say yes! From the moment you walk into the room, you feel that this is a special place. The atmosphere is warm and cosy and the people eating here clearly know a thing or two about food and wine. You immediately feel attracted to this friendly and comforting vibe that makes Murmeli such a memorable place.

Another point that makes the restaurant, and indeed the hotel for that matter so special, are the people who run it. Both the chef Wolfgang Strauss and Annemarie his wife and manager of the restaurant give their very best to make your experience one you will never forget. In a way it is not surprising, since they both have worked in places of the highest calibre, so to find that the staff here are trained better than in many other high-end hotels or restaurants does not come as a surprise!

The food is more of a rustic character. The chef uses a lot of spices in a way that does not make dishes feel intellectual such as in the Griggeler Stube a few yards away, but more in a way that simply lifts the flavours up. Apart from using herbs, the kitchen here is extremely capable when it comes to dealing with flour-based dishes. From knödel to various types of pasta, the flavours and textures are spot on. One particular dish brings the two characteristics together. A raviolo stuffed with local cheese and herbs. The dish would be simply delicious even without the various herbs Wolfgang uses, but with them he elevates the dish to an even higher level.

On a more “refined” basis one can cite a foie gras. Despite being pan-fried, the liver retains a beautiful texture, firm and not too greasy, making it a true delight. An accompanying chutney gives sufficient acidity to make the dish well-balanced and digestible enough.

In some ways it is easy enough to understand why the locals try to keep Murmeli under the radar. It is a restaurant serving delicious, comforting food in an atmosphere that is cosy and more than attractive. Such places are rare gems!


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