Nadaman Shangri-La Tokyo

Discover the richness of Japan's cuisine

Located at the beautiful Shangri-La in Tokyo, this branch of Nadaman offers everything from Kaiseki menus to sushi

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Nadaman is a big name in Japanese gastronomy. Its main branch is one of Tokyo’s most exclusive restaurants, and one of the kaiseki temples that is shrouded in mystery. More famous for its presence in Shangri-La hotels around the world, it is no surprise that the Shangri-La Tokyo also has a Nadaman restaurant.

Given its location in the same city, as the original restaurant of the group, one can assume a certain similarity to the main restaurant. And yet, this is not the case at all. First of all, the restaurant’s dining room is the most modern part of the entire hotel, as far as its design is concerned. Offering beautiful views over the city’s skyline, and clean, large spaces that are tastefully laid out, this is a dining room unlike the traditional private rooms that make up the group’s headquarters.

Similarly, the food is very different too. Offering pretty much anything from sushi, to grilled dishes, up to Kaiseki menus. Such a large selection of styles reminds you that you are eating in a hotel restaurant, as it allows the guests to try a whole variety of aspects of Japanese cuisine without leaving the building.

Expectedly, this results in a menu that allows you to mix and match freely. Not traditional, certainly, but it also has its advantages; especially when a few good surprises make their way onto your table. One of the unexpectedly memorable dishes here is a simple piece of Japanese beef. Grilled, and served with traditional garnishes, this is beef that is incredibly tender, full of flavour, generously marbled, and a real delight to eat. This would not look out of place in some of the city’s finer Kaiseki restaurants.

A little less convincing is the sushi, with rice that is too compressed, and not as delicate, and airy as in the best sushi restaurants. This is quickly forgotten, though, as a plate of seasonal starters shows the clarity, and focus that make Japanese cuisine so unique.

Nadaman at the Shangri-La in Tokyo is a restaurant that offers a large variety of cuisines. From Sushi, to Teppanyaki, up to full Kaiseki menus, it allows you to eat your way through Japan’s culinary riches. Whilst not everything here is perfect, there is a lot to like, and combined with the lively atmosphere, beautiful room, and views, this is a perfect spot for anyone looking for a good lunch

Nadaman Shangri-La Tokyo

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