Oriental City

Dim sum in central Amsterdam

A reliable spot for solid dim sum off Amsterdam's Dam Square

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Every weekend a long queue forms outside Oriental City in Amsterdam. The reason? This restaurant is one of the very few that strive to serve good Cantonese cuisine in the Netherlands. Despite its three floors, the restaurant seems to be ever too small to accommodate all the diners who come here to get a glimpse of what dim sum is like in Hong Kong or Guangzhou. The menu offers plenty of choice, and some of our favourites are classics such as cheung fun with roast pork (or whatever stuffing you prefer), and slightly more unusual dishes rice flour dumplings with duck, bamboo shoots and green peas. After 5pm, they stop serving dim sum, and the evening menu seems less interesting and the restaurant is then mostly populated by tourists. This is a good spot to keep in mind when you’re in central Amsterdam, as it is right next to the Dam Square and offers good value for money. Nothing for a romantic date night or important business meal, but the perfect location for a casual meal.

Oriental City

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