Sierra Mar

Magical location

Describing the view one has from the terrace, or indeed the dining room, of Sierra Mar is virtually impossible. What one can say though, is that if the Michelin's green guide describes 3*-sites as being "worth a journey", then this is one of the places that should figure among these sites.

For what you have in this very simple, but elegant restaurant is the feeling to somehow eat above the clouds. You are a few houndred metres higher than the sea, just on the ridge of one of the most spectacular coastlines this world has to offer. A more visually arresting location for a restaurant would be impossible to imagine.

However, there’s not just that to it, on top of this you have a wine list at hand which offers you anything you can think of, be it Californian cult wines, or the greatest names from France. You are bound to find whatever it is that will enhance your dining experience on this list.

With such a view, and wine list, the food will inevitably have a tough time sticking out. Luckily enough the chef here understands this, and knows that this is not a place where one imposes one’s culinary ego upon the diner. Rather, for lunch you get simple, but perfectly executed classics, and for dinner things are a little more refined. It’s never food that is overly flashy, rather quite puristic and clean in flavour.

One such example would be Hawaiian blue prawns with beans: A dish of great simplicity, but most attractive flavour. The prawns have been grilled, which gives them a beautiful smoky flavour, and makes sucking the heads out a delight for the senses. The meat is juicy and crunchy, just as it should be. The combination with the sauce and the beans is straightforward and does what it should.

A burger here is devoid of tacky toppings, and comes with exactly what you want in a great one. The only problem, which seems to be rather common in the States, is that it doesn’t come rarer than medium, which is a bit of a shame. However, in a place like this you don’t start messing with the details.

In the dessert section, things are kept equally simple and are equally tasty. A cheesecake has exactly the texture you are looking for and is not overly sweet. And even a simple butterscotch crème brulee is delightful.

There you have it, a restaurant that understands what food is about when you are confronted with such magical surroundings. A restaurant that doesn’t overdo it, and sticks to things it can do well. That’s what makes Sierra Mar a great place.


Sierra Mar

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