Sushi Iwa

A good introduction to sushi in Japan

Sushi in Tokyo is inevitably associated to astronomic bills and exclusive restaurants that do not seat more than a handful of people. That it is possible to discover good sushi in a slightly less "intimidating" manner is shown by Sushi Iwa

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This small restaurant located in one of the streets in Ginza’s heart is a little different from the most famous sushi restaurants. Whilst getting a last-minute seat at Saito, Mitani, Myiako or the likes is impossible, this is a restaurant that you can phone up on the morning and be lucky enough to get in. For those who travel to Tokyo, and leave some meals open, this is an advantage.

Additionally, lunches at Iwa are extremely reasonable. Starting at around 4,725 Yen, the menus are no more expensive than mediocre sushi in the big cities around the world costs. Remember that you are in the heart of Ginza, and that Tokyo has the reputation of being cripplingly expensive. This, on the other hand, is remarkably affordable.

When it comes down to the actual food, the meal here starts with marinated kombu. Fresh, zingy, and intensely iodine, this is a perfect start. The sushi itself is not as good as the very best in town, with the rice not as perfectly seasoned, and cooked as at those restaurants. Given the pricing, however, this gives the traveller on a budget a good introduction to sushi in Japan.

Don’t go to Iwa expecting the sushi meal of a lifetime. If, however, you are in Tokyo, want to eat sushi, and have not booked months in advance, this is a place very much worth considering. Especially, for lunch, as the quality you get for your money is surprisingly high.

Sushi Iwa

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