Sushi Sora

Contemporary Sushiya

Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental is one of the most food-driven hotels in the city. One of its most ambitious restaurants is Sushi Sora. Serving edomae-style sushi to a handful of diners, this has the ambition to become one of the best sushiya in the city

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Apart from its location on the 38th floor of the hotel, Sushi Sora is unique as a sushi restaurant for a number of reasons. First of all, the room here is slick, modern, and dominated by dark materials. Clearly, no penny has been spared in making this room as breathtaking as the view over the sprawling city and the Sky Tree.

Additionally, the drinks service is ensured by a team of extremely knowledgeable sake sommeliers, who are also warm, friendly, and helpful. This makes Sushi Sora a very contemporary, and elegant sushiya, with a style that is very different to the other restaurants in the city.

When it comes to the food, a few points further set it apart from the other restaurants in the city. First of all, the progression of the meal is a little different here to restaurants such as Saito, Mitani, Sushisho Masa, etc. in that a single small appetizer precedes the sushi. Furthermore, the seasoning of the rice is very particular, as it is much less seasoned than at the aforementioned addresses. Practically without sugar, the base for the fish is therefore a lot subtler than at most restaurants.

This style of rice works well for boldly flavoured pieces such as sea urchin. Of incredibly high quality, the Hokkaido sea urchin used at Sushi Sora is of impeccable quality, and worth the price of admission alone. Sizeable sweet spot prawns are served raw, and their stunningly pure, and sweet flavour works equally well with the subtly seasoned rice. They are of such high quality that coming here for the uni and spot prawns alone would be worthwhile.

The idea of serving sugar-free rice dates back a few centuries, and such rice is hard to find these days. This makes some of the less intensely flavoured produce such as white fish a little less immediately appealing in flavour at Sushi Sora. Whilst the seasoning of rice varies considerably from restaurant to restaurant, the one thing that cannot be argued with here is the care that is taken to prepare each piece, and the quality of the seafood used.

Sushi Sora is certainly one of the most ambitious hotel sushi restaurants we have encountered, and seems to have found a niche with its very distinct sushi. Whilst perhaps not (yet?) at the level of the very best in town, it is odd that Mr Bibendum seems to have overseen this establishment ever since its opening.

Sushi Sora

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