The Basque Country’s 7 Finest Product Restaurants

Less is more

The restaurants we have chosen for this list all serve products of a quality that you would only find in a handful of three Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe or Japan's very best restaurants in an environment that is comparable to a country inn.

1 | Etxebarri

Etxebarri is all about cooking the finest available products on the grill. What sounds simple is elevated to an art form here, and a meal at this restaurant will redefine what can be done  by cooking over the fire. It doesn’t get better than this.

2 | Elkano

This ‘simple’ seafood restaurant in Getaria serves turbot that will change your perception of what the king of seas tastes like. Slowly grilled over the embers, it is served au naturel and has to be tasted to be believed.

3 | Ibai

A cult restaurant in the heart of San Sebastian, Ibai is not easy to get into. Once you are, make sure you have the sole and mushrooms (if in season), which are as close to perfection as it gets.

4 | Landa

The least famous of the restaurants on this list, it is remarkable for its simplicity and uncompromising quest for top quality products. The chefs here don’t only run Landa, but happen to supply places like Etxebarri, Ganbara or Ibai with fine products in their spare time.

5 | Ganbara

The most exciting pintxos bar in San Sebastian, Ganbara serves excellent bites on the ground floor, but has a basement restaurant that is well worth seeking out when in the area.

6 | Kaia Kaipe

The other option for great turbot in Getaria, Kaia Kaipe is a restaurant that takes sourcing extremely seriously: they have their own boats and keep lobsters and the likes alive in their tanks until the moment of being cooked.

7 | Bar Nestor

This simple pintxos bar is home to some of the finest txuleta in the Basque Country. It’s simple, fast and utterly delicious.