The Purple Pig

Nose to tail

Unpretentious cuisine based on pork is served at this casual restaurant

The Purple Pig in Chicago has been a huge success. Both among chefs and foodies in the city, this is a place that everyone will recommend you to visit. Such popularity becomes obvious from the minute one enters the dining room.

The impression one gets, reminds more of a European, rather then an American restaurant. The fact that the wine list only contains European wines fits this idea rather well.

The service at the Purple Pig is both casual and friendly and when it comes to the food, the simplicity and popularity of it can best compared with a place like the Publican. As one would imagine, with a name like this, pork plays a rather important role in this restaurant. You may even see the Purple Pig as some sort of ambassador for pork (Qli supports this, as it’s often neglected). A few examples of pork dishes served here are: homemade sausage, Pig ears, Pig tail, almonds with pork fat, etc.

The pig ear is a good example of the simple cooking that is going on in the place, never devoid of flavour. Served in a funny looking bowl in the shape of a pig. It is not the plate that matters of course, but the food stands out itself. The pig ear is nice and crispy with fried herbs and topped with an egg, balancing the relatively dry structure of the pork meat. This is absolutely delicious comfort food.

Another very typical plate would be the squid with almonds. The acidity is relatively dominant here, but not overdone. The squid have good bite, but are not chewy at all. The almonds give some extra bite and a slightly crunchy elemnt to the whole and different herbs also have a relevant contribution. Again, this is a simple, fully flavoured dish.

The Purple Pig is famous for a good reason: it is quite simply one of the better restaurants doing comfort food in Chicago. Just as a place like the Publican, the food is simple but never lacks flavour and the pleasant service is the icing on the cake. The Purple Pig is a great ambassador for pork in a city so full of gastronomic contrasts.


The Purple Pig

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