The Restaurant at the Ritz

Unfairly disregarded by the media John Williams' food at the Ritz is sophisticated and delicious

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To ensure that this is not the case, chef John Williams does all he can in order to produce food that is contemporary, captivating, and technically impeccable. The result, dare one say, is some of the finest cooking in London. Bizarrely however the Ritz Restaurant has not been awarded any Michelin stars over the past few years, which seems to be ridiculous, given the quality of food William’s food.

Andy Hayler has sung the chef’s praises for quite a while now, and we have to agree with him, as this is some of the most convincing French cooking found in the capital today. A starter of raw scallops with citrus and avocado for instance marries these flavours absolutely beautifully. The result is a dish that lets the beautiful product quality shine, whilst adding exciting and interesting contrasts to the plate. This is assured cooking of the highest order.

The same can be said for a roast turbot with peas and morels. Now, a combination of morels and peas with any sort of protein is bound to deliver stunning results. Williams does not disappoint, as his dish is clearly worth a good 2* rating. The turbot is of good quality, and cooked perfectly. Served with morels and a pea puree, this is a puristic and simple dish. However, it is also one that is so full of flavour that it really leaves you wondering what the Michelin thinks in giving restaurants such as Pollen Street Social or the likes stars and not to this restaurant.

Speaking of classics, a beef Wellington here has got to be one of the most successful main courses one can hope to eat here, provided its in season. Flaky pastry, perfectly cooked meat and a rich jus make this a beautifully rendered classic that stood the test of time for a good reason: It can hardly be improved on.

Given that the food is so good, one can nearly forget the faultless service and fairly impressive room. Whilst the latter might not be to everyone’s taste, it is an experience to eat in such a place from time to time, just to remind you that fine dining doesn’t always have to be about things one doesn’t want to eat.

The only slight problem one can find in this restaurant is the very expensive wine list. Certainly, the breadth of it is impressive, with plenty of choice from all over the world, but if the prices would be a little more reasonable, one would feel even better sitting here.

The Restaurant at the Ritz is something that has been a little neglected by the media, and most notably the Michelin guide. This is a pity, as John Williams and his brigade have managed to create a restaurant that is quite impressive and serves some of the very best food in London.

The restaurant of the Ritz

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