Sausage Fest

Serving a large selection of sausages, Wurstküche is one of LA's more funky restaurants

Every now and then the simple things in life are what we really crave. If you ever wondered how good a simple sausage can taste, or what weird flavours you can shape into one, Wurstküche in LA is a good place to start on the West Coast.

Located in the Arts district of this unique city, Wurstküche takes a sausage seriously. In fact, you have nothing else on the menu (apart from chips, or frites). However, the selection on offer is impressive. There are at least 20 varieties of sausages, ranging from vegetarian ones up to curiosities like snake or alligator meat. Of course, classics like the Bockwurst or Bratwurst are also to be found here and well worth a try.

The best thing to do is to just have your sausage with the roll and a bit of mustard. If the toppings are generally quite good here, they only hide the flavour of the sausage. And that would be a pity here. No matter what sausage you will eat, they will almost certainly be enjoyable. Sitting in the cool room, with a superb mix of people and some serious music in the background, this spot is one of the things that make LA such a weird place. In a very good way.


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