Zuma Hong Kong

Fusion in Central

Operating in cities across the world, Zuma in Hong Kong serves up the tried and tested fusion cooking that has made the concept successful across the planet

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Zuma, the brainchild of German Rainer Becker, is a trendy kind of restaurant. People don’t necessarily go there to have mind-blowing food. What you go to Zuma for is to have a good time and look at the local celebrities walk in and out of the door, be it in London or Hong Kong.

Whilst the London location looks very attractive, the Hong Kong restaurant certainly is a cracking place, in terms of looks. The beautiful two-storied restaurant features everything from a bar, a beautiful and very spacious dining room and even a terrace. It’s a room that is thoroughly stylish and beautiful. At the same time its also very cool, with music thumping away in the background and a very attractive looking crowd populating the tables and bar area. But, one thing people generally criticise Zuma for is the fact that it is overpriced for what it offers. This is perhaps true, the prices here are pretty high, both for food as for wine. However, if you watch out a bit you can have a pretty fairly priced meal. One thing they could perhaps invest a bit in are the chopsticks and glasses, which aren’t of the highest quality.

When it comes to the food, Zuma Hong Kong is surprisingly good however. Not that it is a restaurant that will make you change your perception of Japanese food altogether, but what you get is solid and very pleasant. To start off with, take a deep-fried soft shell crab. Sliced in two, and served with mayonnaise and a few leaves the crustacean is very well fried. It’s juicy, not too greasy and has a thin, crunchy batter. The flavour is there and when combined with the mayo, it’s a rather moreish starter. A hamachi sashimi with garlic and green chili is equally tasty, perhaps a tad heavy on the garlic, but otherwise well seasoned and of good quality. Try the uni sushi, which is sweet and briny just as good uni normally should be. The only downside here is the price: a whopping HKD220 for nice, but not exceptional uni. The sushi in general here is quite good, much better than at Roka in Hong Kong, the rice is cooked well and properly seasoned and the fish is of decent quality. Very good indeed is a beef tenderloin with sweet chili sauce. Cooked to a perfect medium-rare, the beef is tender and juicy, working very well with the sauce. It’s the kind of solid luxurious comfort food that can be most enjoyable. To make things even better, try that aubergine glased with miso. It’s one of their most famous things, for a very understandable reason: It’s rather delicious and addictive.

There you have it, with Zuma Hong Kong there’s not much to critcise. The food is good, the service very much so and the room beautiful. The prices are high, and the glasses and chopsticks are not the best around, but that really doesn’t matter all that much here. If you’re prepared for that, you can have a very enjoyable time. Otherwise, come for the Sunday brunch, which seems to be rather competitive in terms of pricing.

Zuma Hong Kong

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