Disconnected from the rest of the world, the Amangani in Jackson Hole is an exemplary Aman hotel

Not many hotels are surrounded by such a mysterious aura as the Aman resorts. Whilst most of the properties of the group are located in Asia, it has two stunning properties in the US. The Amangani in Jackson Hole is one of them and one of the States’ very finest hotels.

In line with the spirit of Aman, this is a hotel that it is like no other in the world. Seeking to create unique havens of peace, the Aman group has created a hotel that appears to be in its own little world. Located in the magnificent valley, which seems untouched by human beings, it was one of the pioneers that made Jackson Hole what it is today. Whilst a number of luxurious hotels have opened up since the Aman came in 1996, none of them have managed to reach the level of perfection in the service, to surpass it in terms of design or concept.

Now, the area around Jackson Hole/Teton village is full of hotels, from the Four Seasons to the Snake River Lodge. The Amangani however still remains completely isolated from the rest of the world, managing to make its guests enjoy an incredibly intense stay. The concept of these hotels is that, which others aspire to deliver, but hardly ever do. Take the service for instance. No matter what you want to do, when you want to do it, here it will be made possible. If you want to eat something at 3am or go for a swim, your every wish will be gratified almost instantly by staff that are not only extremely professional and courteous, but also know the area very well.

Another element that makes a stay at Amangani so special is that feeling of peace that reigns here. No matter if you come during the cold winter when the temperatures can easily fall to -20 celsius, or you come during summer when it is around 30 celsius, you will almost certainly have a time that could not be surpassed in terms of tranquility. The hotel is designed to let you spend days on end there without ever feeling the need to go back to the real world. Not only is the timeless architecture of it literally stunning, but the fact that it manages to create a feeling of warmth in those cold winters, whilst not feeling stuffy during summer is even more impressive. Speaking of winter, few things can be more therapeutic than sitting by the fire with a good book in your hand and simply looking at the wilderness that extends in front of you.

With service and an atmosphere such as this, the Amangani is a hotel that makes even seasoned travelers forget everything they have seen. It is the kind of place that manages to create an experience for its guests that will never leave their memory. Something, which not a lot of hotels manage to do.

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