Park Hotel Tokyo

A hotel with character

Tokyo's top hotels are not cheap. In a city which has some of the most expensive hotels in the world, finding a good place to stay that will not necessarily break the bank is easier said than done. One of these places, however, is Park Hotel Tokyo.

Whilst Park Hotel Tokyo costs but a fraction of the likes of the Park Hyatt or Peninsula, it has a lot to offer. Its location is ideal. When staying here, you are but a stone’s throw away from the very heart of Ginza, meaning that some of Tokyo’s very best restaurants, bars, and shopping malls can all be reached by foot. In a city as big as Tokyo, this is great advantage. Whilst the hotel’s location means that you are easily able to explore the heart of the city on foot, it also means that you have stunning views from the rooms. Depending on which side of the hotel you choose to book, you will be rewarded with fascinating views over the Tokyo Tower in the foreground, and Mount Fuji in the distance. For anyone visiting the city, this view must count among the most memorable of all.

Park Hotel Tokyo also has something that a lot of bigger hotels do not have: an atmosphere. Far from the corporatized experiences that you can have at other hotels, this is a place that due to its size is able to give guests a much more personal service. Furthermore, with a lobby lounge that is very much at the centre of the hotel, there is life in the public spaces at all times of the day. No matter whether you are there for breakfast, lunch, tea, or a pre-, or post-dinner drink, this is a place that has a very particular atmosphere. As the hotel often has exhibitions in the lobby, you will see the works of various artists displayed, making this an ever-evolving space. Part of the lobby is also the classy bar “The Society”, which boasts a remarkable selection of whisky. It’s head bartender is not only keen on whisky, however, as he has won several competitions, and serves up very precisely balanced cocktails.

The connection with the art world goes further: a small number of rooms have been entirely designed by artists, who created themed rooms, giving these a unique character. When it comes to the amenities of the hotel, the rooms are compact, but offer all you need for a city-visit. The design is clear, clean, and contemporary.

The hotel’s restaurants offer you the choice between a number of cuisines, ranging from refined French cooking, up to Kaiseki cuisine.¬†tateru yoshino bis is an upmarket bistro of this¬†famous chef, offering a refined, yet approachable take on French classics. The views that accompany the dishes here are almost as enjoyable as the food itself, making this a lovely place to spend a few hours in. Very different food is served at Hanasanshou, which offers classical Kaiseki cuisine. Chief Chef Yoshiaki Takada serves high quality produce, such as vegetables from a family in Kyoto, having grown vegetables for over 400 years.

Park Hotel Tokyo is the perfect place for anyone who wants a hotel with character, and a perfect location in Tokyo. It might not be the city’s most glamorous, but it has a charm that makes it punch way above its weight.

Park Hotel

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