The Upper House


In the centre of Hong Kong, the Upper House is one of a truly select group of hotels that manage to create a genuine "urban oasis" in the heart of a metropolis

The idea of the guest leaving the fast-paced, hectic lifestyle of the city behind in the moment in which he reaches the top of the escalator that leads to the hotel’s lobby is one that works. Once you reach its top, you barely hear cars, or make out any other sign of agitation outside. On the opposite, in the entire hotel a feeling of peacefulness makes you understand what this word can actually mean in such a context. Even a short stay seems far more revitalising than you could possibly imagine it to be.

Apart from the tranquillity, the Upper House stands out for another equally important reason: Its design, which is precise, modern, elegant and functional. Neither gold, nor marble are given much of a role here, just warm tones of brown, beige and white dominate the beautiful rooms. This is a sort of luxury that is far from ostentatious, but rather tries to add further weight to the idea of the Upper House being a place where one escapes from the hectic scenes outside. Furthermore, such design makes it evident that this is a place that doesn’t try to appeal to everybody, but to a group of people who can appreciate the finer things in life. This is the sort of coherence in a hotel’s aim that one usually only sees in places such as the Aman group’s hotels.

Finally, one has to say something about the service here. After all, as beautiful and quiet as a hotel can be, if the service isn’t good, it just wouldn’t feel right. Here, they somehow must have taken notice of the problems travellers have in other hotels and took the decision to change all that. If one were to compile a list of the most annoying features of the big chain hotels, it seems that at the Upper House someone did just this and then made sure such problems wouldn’t happen here: There’s no charge for the internet, no charge for most of the mini bar, if you want to pick bits and pieces of different menus at breakfast that’s fine and the second cappuccino will not appear on the bill. It just makes travelling more relaxing and less annoying. All this is done by people who seem to enjoy what they’re doing and are visibly good at it, making sure that the Upper House remains be one of Hong Kong’s warmest and most welcoming hotels.

Alongside the Landmark Mandarin, the Upper House must be one of Hong Kong’s most attractive hotels. Both are not too big, have character and try to make their guests’ experiences special. What the Upper House has even more of, is that it feels like you go on a little holiday when you spend a night or two here.

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